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We operate in three key business sectors as stated above. Our commodities sector is engaged in the import of sugar (45 incumsa) and brown sugar, cooking oil from China and India, Jasmine rice, Basmati rice and rice from India (25% broken). We also export precious raw materials like gold, cocoa, shea nuts, timber and cashew. We deliver these commodities to African countries especially the ECOWAS region with it’s over 300 million people.
We are also actively interested in making semi-finished and finished goods like artisanal chocolate from cocoa and furniture from timber. We recognise the importance of value addition to raw materials hence our interest. We intend to expand our commodities sphere into oil and gas trading and distribution. We aim to trade by products of crude oil like naptha, kerosene and petrol and jet fuel. Fuel will be supplied to fuel stations as well as her fuel to airlines, private or otherwise

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